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Be the Eye of the Storm

Do you find yourself chasing the 'new norm'?

Putting your head down, peddling faster, hoping it will emerge in front of you if you just keep moving?

Or maybe you've gone the other way - decided to wait it out until normality returns to you?

What if this is as good as it gets?

Things might get better.

They might get worse.

And they might get worse before they get better...

You can hope for the outcome you want...but you can't control it.

And you can fear the outcome you don't want...but it may never happen.

Or you can hedge your bets and base your expectations on the only thing you know to be true - current reality.

Embrace the storm

Let's assume that for the next 12 months things get no better and no worse:

What are you going to do?

If you keep doing what you're doing, where will you be?

Is it where you want to be or do you foresee a problem?

If you recognise that your current approach is unsustainable, for whatever reason, then I strongly encourage you to stop!

Find an opportunity to step back, reevaluate and reset.

Centre yourself in the storm

With change and uncertainty all around you, the best place to be is the eye of the storm. But how can you maintain the inner calm, perspective and control to stay centred for the benefit of you and those reliant on you when others struggle to do so?

Here's 5 simple steps to help you:

  1. Reset reality - Imagine being lost on a journey and telling your SATNAV you're still on track? How can it possibly help you move ahead in the right direction? Be honest. Reset from where you are now - start from today.

  2. Determine your priorities - As an individual, leader or business owner, what matters most? De-prioritise the rest or you'll just start storm chasing and quickly lose control.

  3. Set clear goals - With uncertainty all around you the last thing you want is added complexity! Set simple, easy to understand goals and expectations for yourself and others so everyone knows where to focus.

  4. Make a plan - Before you rush back into action, determine your path, your milestones and your metrics to monitor and manage progress. Otherwise how will you know if you're lost?!

  5. Invest in you - Rest, recuperate and seek the support you need to ensure you can weather the storm. If you lose control of you then you can't achieve anything else so make sure you invest in the person behind the plan - yourself!

Good luck!


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