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Let Go of the Dreams you Don't Want

We all have dreams of what we want, what we think we should want, and of what we once wanted.

Some have value - they help us strive, they give us focus and they hold us to account. But...

What if we no longer want what we once did?

What if we've changed, gained new perspective, grown and discovered a better path?

What if the dream we're holding on to is holding us back from what we now want?

Perhaps it's time to let go

Sometimes letting go means sacrificing our dreams of tomorrow in favour of more pressing priorities today - an unfortunate but necessary part of life...But quite often that's not the case.

Working with hundreds of coaching clients, whether related to their business, careers or personal lives, often what I find is this:

The thing that holds us back from what we want can be the very thing we're clinging on to.

It might be old dreams, old beliefs, or old ideas of what we wanted, who we wanted to be, or who we thought we needed to be. Dreams and ideas no longer compatible with who we are, what we now want and the direction in which we need to go. And yet we struggle to let go.

By letting go, we let go of a part of ourselves - part of what we once wanted and part of who we once were.

By letting go of old ideas we are challenged to reacquaint ourselves with the person we are now.

This can be scary. You might not know who you are and you might not know what you want. And better to work towards an old dream than no dream at all, right?

But what if that dream is pulling you away from from what you really want?

What if it's pulling you away from the person you need to be?

What do you want now?

Take the time to stop and ask yourself what it is you really want now.

Is the dream you're holding on to leading you towards that, or is it pulling you away?

Does what you're doing feel right, does it feel natural and is it working?

It might be the business growth you no longer need, the career promotion you no longer seek or the life direction you no longer desire.

Whatever it is, let it go.

Allow yourself to imagine letting go of the dream you're holding on to.

Allow yourself to imagine life without it.

Allow yourself to dream up what you could do instead.

Don't get swept away by clinging to old dreams you no longer want. Let go and listen to your dreams of today.


Good luck!


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