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How's the Weather in Your World?

Updated: Jan 26

Is it stormy? Is it changeable? Or is it calm? And how does it look on the road ahead?

One of the reasons we like to discuss the weather so much is it’s an easy point of connection – a shared experience. Something external, something objective and something clear for all to see. However...

Unlike the external weather, the weather in your inner world is unique to you.

No one can fully understand how things are, how you feel about them and what you choose to do in response.

The more you can understand yourself and your own inner world, the more you can choose what's right for you.

If you accept it, you can manage it, and if you manage it you're more likely to stay on track.

So ask yourself these questions:

  • How is the weather in your world right now?

  • What is the impact on you?

  • How are you choosing to respond?

Each day is different and how you respond may change day by day.

Some days the weather may get on top of you.

Other days you may feel on top, despite what the weather throws at you!

There's no right or wrong, whatever you think you should think, feel or do. All you can do is listen to yourself and make decisions that are right for you at any given moment - just like everyone else!

Whatever the weather in your world, here are a few tips to help:

  • Accept the Weather - some days feel hard work, others feel easy - weather changes and so do we - accept it

  • Notice the Patterns - learn to spot storms coming & notice what makes them build & fade - recognise how the weather affects your behaviour and how your behaviour affects the weather

  • Choose your Response - it's OK to rest when you feel well and it's OK to work when you don't! Don't let the weather or the opinions of others dictate what you do - do what works for you

Good luck!


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