Personal Development Podcast

I'm joined by Dr Terri Holloway for a series of conversations that challenge the way we think and hopefully the way you think too!


We talk about various topics related to personal growth, wellbeing, happiness & success and we hope to provide you with new stimulus for your own personal development journeys.

Episode 1 - "Re-Think"

Today we’ll be talking about:

  • What it means to re-think

  • How to re-think 

  • The importance of challenging our own thoughts


We’ll also recall some examples in our lives when we’ve been forced or chosen to re-think and the benefits it has brought.

Episode 2 - "Purpose"

We discuss:

  • How society defines purpose

  • How we view purpose

  • The importance of determining your own path in life

We also share tools that have helped us to gain clarity regarding our individual paths.

We hope this episode helps you to explore new thoughts and ideas and live more fully with a renewed sense of purpose!

Episode 3 - "Success"

We discuss:

  • Different ways to view success

  • Key ingredients of success 

  • How to see failure in a healthy way

  • The danger of 'when-then' thinking

We also look at how to identify and shape your own success story with you at the centre of the story and how to stay on track.