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find your purpose book

Personal Leadership: 
Find Your Purpose

Purpose is a big word when it comes to personal development, but, without a clear sense of purpose how can you be sure you’re focusing your efforts in the right direction for the right reasons? 

What matters today may not be so important tomorrow and when external circumstances change, as they invariably do, what will your new goals and priorities be?

Purpose provides an internal guiding light not only for where you’re heading tomorrow, but for what you do today - it underpins decisions, priorities, motivations and goals.


Understand it, and life can be a whole lot simpler!  Avoid it, and doubt, indecision and inner conflict can get in the way of not only your development but of those you may wish to influence, lead or help.


This book provides an interactive and immersive introduction to purpose and a guiding framework to help you discover your own purpose and take the first steps to live it.

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