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Story of You...

If your life was a story, what sort of story would it be?

One of the exercises I use with clients to provide fresh perspective and purpose in their business, career or personal lives is to look at their story, in their words - past, present and future. Here I'll share some of the principles and guiding questions so you can try it yourself.

Why think in stories?

Humans have evolved to think in stories. Stories go back millennia and have themselves evolved as myths and legends that have been passed down the generations and adapted to bring meaning and understanding to life. They tap into our unconscious, emotional brains and, unlike 'cold, hard facts', move us deeply.

Understanding the 'story of you' can help you remember and re-imagine what it is you love and fear and what it is you want.

It provides a picture of the past and helps makes sense of the present. Ultimately, it helps you see where the story is going, and if necessary, re-write the future!

Where to begin?...

There are many places to begin when thinking about the story of you. Here are some questions to help you start:

  • Who's played a part in your story?

  • Who's helped and who has hindered you?

  • Where have you been so far?

  • What have been the major events and lessons?

  • What led you to this chapter?

What happens next in the story?...

Understanding what brought you to the chapter you're in can help you make sense of the past and find your place in your own story. Then it's time to turn to a blank page and determine what comes next! Consider the following:

  • Where do you see the story going?

  • Where do you want it to go?

  • What does the protagonist (that's you!) need to do next?

What's it all about?...

What's the point? Or should I say 'what's the plot?'

  • What lessons does your story have to offer?

  • Where in a bookshop would it be found?

  • What would a reviewer have to say?

And remember, you hold the pen. The past has been written, but the future's yet to write.

So, if you don't like your answers, or you don't like your story, change it!

Good luck!


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