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Focus on This Moment

"The best therapist has fur and four legs"

How would you describe the image above?

What's going through the mind of my dog, Max?

There's no anxiety about the future and no reflection on the past.

He's utterly captivated by this moment...and he always is. He lives in the now.

As humans we struggle to enjoy moments that matter because our minds are continually scanning the future for threats and searching the past for lessons to learn and apply - a great way to keep us safe...but it never evolved to keep us happy!

Your mind is a tool

Uncertainty about the future naturally increases our drive to prepare and protect, but if left unchecked it can also lead us to panic: Our mental activity goes into overdrive as we contemplate all the 'what if's' of tomorrow at the expense of today.

Unlike dogs, we have the ability and responsibility to look ahead beyond the next tree or treat, but don't lose sight of the impact of overdoing it. Not only can you narrow your attention so much that you lose the ability to think effectively, but you continually sacrifice the moment you're in for the ones in your head.

Treat your mind as a tool: Use it where it serves you, but don't let it rule you!

You don't have to join a yoga class to practise mindfulness

There are loads of ways to switch off and focus on now...

  • Draw, paint or create

  • Exercise

  • Play

  • Read or write

  • Breathe!

Whatever you do, and for whatever duration you allow yourself to do it, absorb yourself fully in it.

Not only will it refresh you, it will make you far more effective...and you might just enjoy it.

Good luck!


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