MMedSci, BSc, RNutr, ACC


Give yourself the opportunity to view things from a new perspective.

I offer focused challenge and reflection to enable you to identify your true priorities and needs.

Working together we can build a plan of action to bring about the transformational change you seek.



I offer a range of services in the areas of

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Coaching

and Business Coaching

Business Strategy & Development

Proposal Writing & Communication

Career Management

Self Discovery & Awareness

Life Goal Mapping & Planning

Lifestyle Change

Exercise, Nutrition & Fitness

Healthy Mind & Body

I also run an associated Business Consultancy service, providing training and support in end to end product development and the science of nutrition.  See below for further details.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Whether it’s losing weight, toning up or gaining fitness you’re after, and whether it’s for health, increased confidence or to achieve a new goal, I can help. 


My education in Sports Science and Human Nutrition, plus years of experience in the Food and Healthcare industries, means I understand the science (and pseudo-science) of healthy living.


I also lead a physically demanding lifestyle, focused around sport, exercise and martial arts, so I understand first-hand the benefits of staying healthy and the constraints of doing so.


Where relevant I can offer insight and guidance on healthy living, but I honestly believe the crux of achieving your goals is to determine what you really want alongside life’s other pressures. I can then help you unpick the barriers that hinder your progress and shape a lifestyle plan.

Personal Coaching

Do you feel driven to make a change?


You may not know what to change or why, but feel compelled to do something different and need a fresh, external perspective to help you focus.


Or perhaps you have a specific goal you are working towards such as a new job, new home or a new personal challenge and feel you are not making the progress you want. 


Whether it’s direct coaching on how to achieve your goals or explorative work into what you want and why, I can provide an open-minded, reflective and positively challenging environment to help you discover the right path for you.

Business Coaching

Are you just starting out with a new private venture?  Trying to take your business to the next level?  Or looking to optimise ways of working in an established organisation or team?

Working across the spectrum, from private SME, to academic institute, to global corporation, over the last 10 years has given me invaluable insight into the common and specific challenges faced within businesses. 


I've seen many pitfalls to avoid and easy wins to seek. 

Whether working with individuals, teams or yourself, I can help you identify what is stopping you from functioning at your best, help you determine what it is you really want to achieve and map out what changes need to be put in place to achieve it.


Business Consulting

I provide direct training and support in a number of areas associated with end to end product development and the nutrition market.

Working within the food and nutrition industry for over 10 years in Marketing, Innovation, Technical, Project Management and Product Development roles has given me the opportunity to create, develop and launch many new products and brands.


My experience has taught me the criticality of communicating complex science simply, whilst utilising robust tools for product appraisal and delivery in order to generate, shortlist and develop the most viable business opportunities.

I offer businesses support in the following areas:

The Science of Nutrition

Ideation and Concept Creation


Project Set Up


End to End Product Development

About Me

I have a passion for human development and love to help people achieve their potential, be it individually or as part of a team.


I've always felt compelled to work with people and have found myself drawn to coaching and mentoring throughout my career.  Therefore, having worked in a variety of business environments for over 10 years I decided to follow my heart, trained as a coach and set up my own business.


I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

and member of the International Coach Federation.


I am also a member of the Nutrition Society

and the Royal Society of Medicine. 


I have a degree in Sport Science (BSc), a masters in Human Nutrition (MMedSci) and am a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr). 


Client Testimonials

"From our first session Martin really helped me look at what I needed to do and what was getting in my way from seeing my new work path, from leading an inspiring life, doing what matters to me and making a difference in other people's lives.


He is a really inspiring and personable coach that I work well with as he is straight and direct with me."



"Working with Martin has helped me bring focus to where I place my energies and to stand firmly for the values that are important to me in work.

I felt we had a personable coaching relationship and appreciated the way he brought a simultaneously supportive and explorative attitude to my needs."


"When someone can help you reconnect with your inner wisdom under the guidance of their inner wisdom, combined with  skillful and insightful navigation, then that's worth its weight in gold.


Thank you Martin, for some excellent sessions!"


"Despite being trained in coaching I found it incredibly hard to coach myself.  Martin was able to help me reach full clarity to make an important career change. 


He had my full trust and I would recommend him without reservation."


Colleague Feedback

"You have been kind and attentive, warm and friendly at the same time as having a clear purpose. This is refreshing"

"You ask such related questions that get straight to the source/nub of the issue.  You care, you really care. A genuine person"

"You’re incredibly insightful/perceptive and you coach in a very calm and non-judgmental way, which put me at ease and gave me space to think about things in a different way"

"Your humour makes people feel at ease"

Get to Know Me

I have always led an active lifestyle.  I enjoy challenging myself and have completed a number of marathons, half marathons and adventure races.  I also have a long-standing interest in martial arts and have black belts in taekwondo and aikido.

I like to travel where possible and to capture what I see in photo form as best I can!


To relax I enjoy reading, drawing and a glass of wine.  And of course, I love time with family and friends.


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt


If you’d like to know more please give me a call or send me an email. 

You can also check out my social media below.


Martin Benefer

07969 653 024

Data Protection

Information is collected and held by Stillwater Coaching in order to perform the contractual service of client coaching. 

Information held is limited to critical data, relevant to coaching relationships.  This information is either provided directly by clients (including name, address, contact details and relevant personal or business information), or captured during and after coaching sessions in the form of coaching notes.

All retained information is held securely and confidentially on a password-secured personal computer or in confidential office files.


Client information is not accessible to any third party, nor is it made available to any third party without the explicit prior consent of clients, and only then with the client’s specific needs and interests in mind, for example in the case of relevant referrals.

Any contact made with clients is related to contractual coaching services or to opportunities deemed directly relevant to clients based on known information.

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