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MMedSci, BSc, RNutr, PGCert, ACC

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challenge, reflection & fresh perspective 

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Professional Coaching available

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Coaching draws on

knowledge & expertise from academic qualifications, professional study & business experience

 Helping clients in 3 core areas:

Leadership Development 


Career & Personal Development

Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business Coaching

 Leadership Development Coaching

What are you leading for?

I help business owners, leaders and managers reassess what matters most and how to achieve it.


Working with an external and impartial coach in a confidential environment will enable you to fully explore your goals and address the barriers to your success.


We'll define your leadership purpose, create a compelling vision and ensure you're playing to your strengths to have the impact you want for the benefit of you, your organisation and the people in it.  

Business Coaching, Perfomance Coaching & Leadership Coaching
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Healthy Lifestyle Coching & Nutrition Support

Wellbeing Coaching

Are you functioning at your best?


Your wellbeing in and out of work underpins everything else you do -  it's the difference between optimal performance and eventual burnout

As a nutritionist with a science background and an active lifestyle I understand the importance of wellbeing.  I also have a track-record of simplifying complex ideas to help other people understand and manage their own wellbeing.

I provide fresh perspective on the power of positive and negative beliefs, and will help you explore the attitudes, behaviours and habits you want to enforce or change in order to be at your best. 

We'll look at triggers and barriers affecting your wellbeing and introduce techniques and approaches to help you alleviate stress, increase  satisfaction and maximise your personal impact.

Career & Personal Development Coaching

Are you driven to make a change?

Are you looking to grow in your career or personal life and feel you're not making the progress you want?  Or maybe you're stuck and feel compelled to try something new, but feel unsure what it is or where to start.


A fresh, independent perspective can make all the difference.

I provide an open, reflective & positively challenging environment to help you evaluate your strengths, interests, passions and values in order to discover the right path for you and the confidence to pursue it.

Personal Coaching & Life Coaching
About Me

I have a passion for human development and love to help people achieve their potential, both personally and within their career.


I'm an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), with a Postgraduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching (PGCert), am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and am Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trained.


I have a background in health and wellness: I'm a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) a member of the Nutrition Society and have degrees in Sport Science (BSc) and Human Nutrition (MMedSci)

In 2017, having worked in a variety of business environments for over 10 years I decided to follow my heart, trained as a coach and set up my own coaching business.  


I am based in Nottingham and work with private and business 

clients across the UK and internationally.


Client Testimonials

"It's given me a clearer picture of who I am, what drives and motivates me, my strengths and ultimately how I can use this for the greater good to be a better leader and to inspire my team​."

"Working with Martin has helped me to stand firmly for the values that are important to me in work."

"Martin helped me identify my strengths and counteract self doubt"

"I've entered a whole new and exciting dimension of self awareness!"

"From our first session Martin really helped me look at what I needed to do and see what was getting in my way"

"The coaching has given me greater confidence to deal with stressful situations at work. 

Thanks so much Martin!"

On the Benefits...

"I truly appreciate the value.

Every single session has pushed me forwards."

"You've truly changed the way I think, aspire and connect my professional experiences and sense of purpose."

"He has a real skill in knowing how to ask the right questions, that have really allowed me to open up and learn a lot more about myself"

On the Process...

"You’re incredibly perceptive and you coach in a very calm and non-judgmental way, which put me at ease and gave me space to think about things in a different way"

"My advice would be to fully embrace and trust the process, as whilst not knowing it at the time, all of the sessions have connected really well and built up to something much bigger."

"I want to say thanks again for the coaching sessions.  I had been going round in circles and was stuck in a rut. 

It started a chain reaction to change my life for the better."

"He is a really inspiring and personable coach"

"He had my full trust and I would recommend him without reservation."

"Thank you Martin, for some excellent sessions!"

"Martin is a brilliant coach and I want to say a massive thank you for all his support and wisdom."

On Reflection...

"I'd have no hesitation recommending Stillwater Coaching to those looking to review their career and plot the next steps"

Stillwater Coaching feedback

Beyond Coaching...

Beyond coaching clients I lead an active lifestyle and enjoy challenging myself.  


I read as much as I can to learn, absorb new ideas and gain alternative perspectives to help me grow as an individual and improve as a coach.


I like to keep fit and have completed a number of marathons, half marathons and adventure races.  I also have a long-standing interest in martial arts and and train regularly in aikido.

Travel is a big personal passion and through it I have developed a love for photography.


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt


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Data Protection

Information is collected and held by Stillwater Coaching in order to perform the contractual service of client coaching. 

Information held is limited to critical data, relevant to coaching relationships.  This information is either provided directly by clients (including name, address, contact details and relevant personal or business information), or captured during and after coaching sessions in the form of coaching notes.

All retained information is held securely and confidentially on a password-secured personal computer or in confidential office files.


Client information is not accessible to any third party, nor is it made available to any third party without the explicit prior consent of clients, and only then with the client’s specific needs and interests in mind, for example in the case of relevant referrals.

Any contact made with clients is related to contractual coaching services or to opportunities deemed directly relevant to clients based on known information.