Personal Development Talks

Talks are a great way to engage a wide range of people on a single, relatable topic.

They enable individuals from within a team or across an organisation to come together as a group to listen, learn and reflect, 

not only providing each person with new information, but a new perspective for the challenges that many people face and new tools, techniques and approaches to help them take action and face them.  


Talks trigger new insight and greater self-awareness, helping people determine the action they need to take to move forwards, develop and grow.  And for those who desire further support, talks can be a great catalyst for them to take that next step.

Below are a number of talks delivered to a wide variety of organisations, providing a flavour of what is possible.

Burnout talk cover.png

Stress & Burnout

This talk focuses on the science of burnout,

why it happens and what we need to avoid it. 

It provides 5 practical steps for people to consider and reflect on to ensure they stay on top of their stress levels, optimise wellbeing and avoid burnout.

confide talk cover.png

Confidence & Positivity

This talk shares 12 lessons for people to follow to help develop and maintain confidence and positivity in their careers. 


It draws on the science of psychology and some of the common challenges I’ve seen with a broad range of coaching clients

leadership talk cover.png

Personal Leadership

This interactive talk focuses on 3 core principles that underpin self-leadership and precede effective leadership of others:

Knowing your Values

Knowing your Purpose

Setting your Leadership Vision 

are you ready talk cover.png

Change Management

Looking at life after lockdown and the so called 'new normal' following Covid-19.


This talk shares 5 key principles of adapting to change and managing your team through ongoing uncertainty.

best self talk cover.png

Your Best Self

This talk looks at what it takes for people to thrive, exploring basic physical, emotional and cognitive needs alongside ways to determine and meet more personal needs. 

It looks at health and wellbeing as well as values, priorities, strength-finding and purpose. 

engagement talk cover.png


A review of the core components of effective engagement along with tips on what to consider, what to do and what to avoid. 


The talk also shares a number of simple and practical tools and techniques to help people engage and influence others.

self management talk cover.png


A review of what it takes to stay on top by managing the demand placed on you and your capacity to deal with it.  


This interactive talk explores the science of wellbeing and practical approaches to managing the expectations, time and energy of you and others.

Talk Feedback

"Very insightful - provides a strategy for me, whether personally or professionally, to manage stress"

"I thought the content was brilliant and something we can all relate to"

"As someone that's struggled with self confidence issues for the last 30 years, this has given me several points to look at and work with"

"You really have a special gift to provoke thought and help people change"

"Really positive and enlightening!"

"Martin's advice has given me tangible steps I can now take to get unstuck

I feel quite excited I can now move forward from here"

"The event yesterday was excellentMartin is a clear and careful speaker, easy to follow and communicates his point well.

Very much enjoyed it."